Training Days

Many people after seeing me perform start to dream of what they would do if they could read minds or influence people. Perhaps you'd use it to help people, to get the advantage in a negotiation, to assist you with a sale, or so that you can finally know if he or she likes you back!

I've trained my whole adult life in various skills to be able to give the illusion that I can read minds. The honest answer is that I don't just use one technique, it's an accumulation of many. On these training days you will not be learning my act (sorry), but what you will learn is a combination of skills that will enhance and enrich your life. 

Each training day will have a different focus, always starting with live demonstrations and then showing practical uses for each of the techniques taught. 

I'm beyond excited to start these training days. Training days that are open to the general public and not only to my private clients.

During these training days, we will be exploring various techniques, such as hypnosis, language patterns, NLP, suggestion, influence, body language, micro expression training, lie detection, muscle reading, confidence training, memory building and more. It's these techniques that I have spent years learning, and working out how to use them practically in the real world.

Just by learning and mastering one of these techniques then applying it to what you do, you will instantly give yourself an advantage over the competition. 
Imagine next time you have a client in the room, and you know what they want before they do! 

If you are interested in attending one of the Training Days, please fill out the form below, and we will notify you of any up coming dates.

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 Corporate Workshops 

Why not send your sales team to me for the day? In fact I can work with most departments. What will they learn? 

The only Mind Reader in the room is me
This is a strong message which I will continually put across. To often teams in marketing or sales assume that they know what people want or even worse assume they aren't interested. Because of this potentially Millions each year could be lost. The solution, simple - communication. 


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