I want you to have an exclusive experience.

Your event will be treated as it should; special and unique. 


Let me tell you why you're so important to me. When you decide to book me you put your trust in me. Relying on the fact that I will be professional, entertaining and friendly to work with. I don't take this lightly. It's wonderful people like you who enable me to do what I love for a living. Because of you, I travel to amazing places and meet amazing people.

Not only will your guests be amazed and mystified but they will have memories of your event that will last a life time.




I'm Alex Ward, also known as The Mind Artist. I'm an engaging performer that creates unique and mysterious experiences for those that I meet. 

I've been performing professionally in the UK for twelve years. In this time, I've been lucky enough to be featured on national television on several occasions, travel the world, meet and work for some incredible people, and developed my own unique, one of a kind act.

In my early years of performing, I learnt the effects that people responded to – the ones that would evoke a profound reaction and make people question 'is this real?' As I gained more insight, my act started to change. Piece by piece everything came together.

Around four years ago, a friend from Paris who was staying with me said (in a very very french accent) “Alex, the things you do, they are not magic. You do the tricks with the mind. You are an artist my friend. NO! You are, ‘The Mind Artist’. Quick, now put it on your business card!”

Thanks to that friend, The Mind Artist was born.