How to hire a London Magician

It's pretty easy really. First of all have a date set in mind of when you would like your Magician to come to your London Event. Then sit down at your computer and type in your preferred search engine "Magician London" or something or that nature. You'll be bombarded with all the various options available. 

So you'r e looking at all these wizards, which one to choose? Who knew picking a magician in London was going to be so hard! 
Well luckily for you I'm here to give you my 3 top tips for picking a Magical man or Woman. 

  1. Make sure their site is professional looking. If this magician can't be bothered to put effort in presenting himself on the internet then god knows how he'll present himself at your party. 
  2. Always talk on the phone. Get a feel for what he or she is like as a person. If you like them and connect, they they may be the magician for you! 
  3. How much do they charge. Pay peanuts get monkeys. This is all I'm going to say on this one. Don't say I didn't warn you. 

Best of luck to you. You can always ask me more questions about this through my contacts page HERE 




Alex WardComment