I've now added speaking and workshops as part of The Mind Artist experiance. 

My talks are unique in the fact that I combine my different skills to present not only an entertaining talk, but one that is informative and delivers a strong message.

As a performer I have made a career out of giving people the impression that I can actually read thoughts and control minds! In reality, I combine my training in cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy, knowledge in NLP, Body language, Suggestion, persuasive language and mentalism to give this illusion. 

After multiple requests I now have a more informative performance which is perfect if you are looking for a guest speaker for your next conference. 


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When looking to book a speaker to present to your sales team, customer service reps, or the entire company you need someone that can do the following. 

  • Engage - Keep the audience interested and paying attention for the entire talk 
  • Entertain - Someone who not only can present but make sure everyone is having a good time. 
  • Deliver a strong and lasting message - you want a speaker that can communicate a message that will actually have an impact on your audience. 
Alex - Thank you for supporting our event at the Connaught Rooms last week. I have only heard positive feed back and everyone I spoke to was amazed! Thank you again from all who attended. Very much appreciated and it was good to work with such a true professional
— Helen W - Shell

What's on the menu? 

I'm not suggestible...I'm I?  
Prepare to learn about the incredible power of suggestion. During your time with Alex, you'll experience live demonstrations that show how you can be easily influenced by language, visual stimulus and sound. Alex will also make you and your attendees aware of the everyday things that are maybe making you change your opinions, ideas, and feelings towards people or products that you may be working with. Finally, you'll be left with some tips and ideas on how you can become aware of what you might be suggesting to your clients and how to correct it. This is a fun and engaging way to get you and your attendees to start thinking about the incredible power of suggestion - and how the subtle ways we express ourselves and the language we use may be affecting our negotiations and sales results, and by improving in this area we can see a massive improvement.  


Motivation & Confidence
Self-confidence is arguably one of the most important life skills anyone can have. Some may say, 'you either have it or you don't'. 
I say, 'Anyone can get it!'
One of the most common problems within the board room is a lack of communication; people don't feel like they can speak their ideas. This absence of confidence is because they believe that there are more confident people in the room and due to their lack of confidence they are not being heard, this is devastating, and something every organisation should be wanting to avoid! 
Alex draws from his experiences of performing and his knowledge of cognitive behavioural therapy and hypnotherapy. He uses this to give insight on why we are so often afraid to chase after the things that we truly desire, why unnecessary anxiety to speak our ideas occurs, and how it's possible to understand these patterns of thinking and most importantly, how we can change them. 
Motivation and Confidence can benefit anyone who wants to motivate their team into becoming better communicators. It's also ideal for anyone who wants to improve their skills in giving presentations, public speaking, holding meetings, or higher performance in negotiation and sales. 




From Instagram

What your body is sayingIn this fun and entertaining presentation, where you'll see many demonstrations in how Alex can use body language to give the illusion of mind reading. 
There is a practical side to this too, Alex will also leave you with some valuable tools that you'll be able to start using and applying to your everyday life instantly.
These tools will allow you to improve the perception that you give to people in presentations or meetings. Alex will also demonstrate how to spot a liar - first with a practical demonstration followed by some useful things to remember next time you find yourself in a meeting or negotiation you want to be sure of the outcome. 

Go Bespoke
Alex can provide bespoke presentations tailored for individual clients. Alex knows that each and every company has its goals, and needs - this is why Alex offers bespoke presentations and workshops tailored to your individual needs and requirements. 
How does it work? 
Just get in touch, and Alex will arrange a time with you for a phone consultation where you can discuss all your specific needs and requirements. 


Why book an external speaker for your conference? 


Why The Mind Artist as your conference speaker?

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