The Mind Artist will make your mind boggle. It was fantastic.
— Rosanna S: Knight Frank

Being The Mind Artist for a living has enabled me to entertain at some amazing venues around the world and meet some incredible people. Every event I go to feels like a little adventure for me, and I never know who I'm going to perform for next.

I remember this one show I did. Paolo Nutini was the surprise guest. I had no idea that night I would end up entertaining and hanging out with one of my favourite musicians, swapping stories, sharing music, and playing cards! 

I've also been fortunate enough to have been featured on national television (Richard and Judy, Cricket AM, T4 on the Beach..)on several occasions. Every time I go on tv, it’s a huge rush knowing there are millions of people watching at home, honestly nothing quite like it!

Below I've added a small selection of clients that I've had the pleasure to perform for.