What can you really tell from using your intuition? 

Often people ask me if I'm psychic, or if I'm using skills in reading body language or NLP. The truth is it's a combination and there is no one answer. But what I can say is that a huge amount of what I do is from using my intuition. 

We all have an intuition, it's that thing that tells us that we should or shouldn't trust certain people, it's that thing that tells you when you're with a friend that something may be bothering or upsetting them, even when they're trying to hide it. Intuition will tell you to say "yes" to when he/she asks you to spend the rest of your life with him/her because for some reason it just 'feels' right. It can't be explained...or can it?

A lot of the time my clients will ask me if I'm psychic, the reason being is because I'm telling them information that I shouldn't be able to know. How do I do this? Well, I use intuition mixed with common sense and a little guess work. I believe that we learn through experiences, the more experiences that we have the more we learn. I believe this adds to one's intuition. 

SO - how does this all tie together? If I meet someone I do what I call a scan. I open myself up, to any ideas or impressions I get as I look and scan that person head to toe. Now this person may be wearing a similar style of clothing to what my wife wears . What does this tell me? 
Well, I know that my wife leads an active lifestyle, so there is a high chance that this person does too. My wife is very creative and is a photographer, so I would 'Intuit' that the person may perhaps be interested or work within the arts or in a creative field. Next, I would look at mannerisms. For example, if they reminded me of my friend Callum, I may ask if they are interested in yoga as Callum is a yoga instructor, and I would suggest that they have calm and sensitive personality, often putting others before themselves. 

As you can see this isn't psychic or anything too mystical. It's about being open, and seeing what qualities the person in front of you has and if they remind you of anyone or anything. More often than not what you say will be quite accurate to that person. Try it out :) 

Disclaimer: I'm not saying this is 'the science of intuition', or this is the way to read minds or to become a psychic. This is just one of the many techniques that I use while I perform. I purely just want to point out that I'm a human being, like you. I'm nothing mystical or psychic. If I can do it so can you. It's not always that easy to explain the amazing things that I guess, but I honestly believe, we are just drawing from memories of friends, family and past experiences that we can all relate to. 

I hope you found this interesting. Let me know :) 

Alex WardComment