Psychic...Me? Anyone?

Am I psychic? 

To answer this question you would first have to define what you think a psychic is. 
Most people when they hear the word psychic they think of a tarot card reader or an old gipsy woman conjuring up images in her crystal ball. 
Being psychic traditionally would mean that you would have some supernatural ability that others do not have. This may be the ability to see into the future, telepathy, telekinesis, or even mediumship. 

Can anyone actually do this?

Millions of dollars have been spent on the study of Psychic phenomena. The Russian and US military placed considerable funds, time and energy into researching this to see if there was a way they could use the 'psychic skills' in combat or spy on the enemy. Sadly there was not much success in the research, in fact, the results were as good as guessing!

World famous Magician and author James Randi or 'The Amazing Randi' has a million dollar prize to anyone that can demonstrate psychic or supernatural abilities to him or anyone on his panel. This prize has been available since the 1970's and still today no one has claimed it with any success. Essentially anyone who has tried to claim the prize is either using tricks (like a magician), or they can't actually do what they claim to do when put under test conditions. 

So does this mean that there is no such thing as psychics and you are not psychic? 

Well, so far we have no proof of any actually psychic phenomena. No one has shown their psychic demonstrations consistently under test conditions. Many working psychics would argue that "it doesn't work that way" and "Having sceptics or non-believers create bad energy" or "They don't need to prove it to anyone, they know the hits they get". 

I can tell you with 100% certainty that I do not believe I have any special or supernatural abilities. Yes on stage I have moments where I take a guess at something and get it right, but does that mean I'm psychic? I don't think so. I personally believe that we all have intuition, and day by day we are constantly collecting and absorbing information. As human beings we have so many commonalities with each other, we are all interconnected in a strange way, so when I take a guess that the person on stage owns a dog and I'm right - I don't think it's because of psychic ability, I think it's more because she reminds me of my dog walker. Just that, nothing supernatural. 

I hope this has given you a little bit of insight - whilst writing this I've decided that I'm going to write another post on psychics. This is an interesting subject for me. 
Until next time

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