How to 'Read a Mind' - cough cough



You are about to learn how to be PSYCHIC!!! Well almost. If you remember some of these items every now and then you'll be able to fool your friends and family members into thinking you're a real deal psychic person. Enjoy :)

  1. If you're meeting someone new, go check out there Facebook, instagram, or linked in. Look at what photos they have. Lets say you saw one of them walking a dog with a boyfriend/girlfriend. It would be obvious to say "you have a dog and a lover" a better approach is to say something like this "I get an impression that you are a caring person, often putting others needs before yours. You also have a strong sense of family connection for those that you let in. I'm seeing you with one of these people, you enjoy doing various activities with them, you go to the movies, cook.. I also see both of you and a small black dog, it has very soft short curly fur. Does this make some sense to you?" This will freak them out! 
  2. Belt - You can tell if some one is let or right handed by the direction of their belt! If you see one that goes around their right hand side, then you have a lefty. I would approach it this way. Randomly say "Did you know that I read in the paper today that left handed people, are 3 times more likely to..." I'll leave this up to your imagination. Remember don't tell him/her how you knew. 
  3. iPhone passcode or pin numbers  - con men around the world have been using a technique called shoulder surfing ever since ATM's were invented. If you're unfamiliar with this technique don't worry there is no actual surfing involved. Simply glance at someones pin number or pass code as they type it in. Now open up your notes in your phone and make a note of it. Wait around a month. When you next see this friend or speak to them on the phone say you've got a new wonderful technique to guess pass codes. 
  4. Guess where a coin is - ask someone to hide a coin in one of there hands. Then ask them while your back is turned to hold that hand to their head and imagine focusing a positive memory into the coin. Then hold out both hands in front of them. You find the coin, as you are drawn to the positive memory and the other hand is cold and empty. Also the hand that they held to their head will be slightly lighter in colour as the blood would have started to drain down the arm as it was being held up.
  5. Think of a number between 1 and 10, do it quick. Got one? Ok you're thinking of Seven. The majority of people will choose seven. I eliminated 1 and 10 by asking you to choose between them. Because of this people tend to stay away from 2 and 9 they are a little close to 1 and 10. 5 would feel too obvious as it's right in the middle. That leaves us with 3,4,6,7 and 8. Psychologically odd numbers are more appealing for us to us. So I good guess to go for is 7. Try secretly writing this on a napkin or bit of paper then try it out on a friend. If they say another number explain how most go for 7 and that by choosing 'x' that means they are incredibly intelligent :) now try to move on, and hope that flattery covered the fact that you got the trick wrong! 
  6. Think of a celebrity - if you ask a group of people to think of a celebrity usually at least one of them will name Brad Pitt. I'll let you think of some fun ideas to use with this! 
  7. Dice - get someone to roll a dice add together the number that they rolled to and the number that is directly underneath it (the one face down on the table). It will always add up to 7. Hold on this number is becoming familiar.
  8. Ask someone to pick a card. When you cut it in to the deck make a mental note of the bottom card. This will keep track of where the selected card is. You can cut the deck as many times as you like, the two cards will always stay together. When it's time to find the selection, say that you will do it by looking at the way the eyes react to certain cards. Show him/her the cards quickly one by one. When you see your Key/indicator card you know the next one is the selection. 
  9. Energy in an object- ask someone your with as your back is turned to hold there hand over any object on the table and to mentally send there energy into it. When they are done you can turn around. You place your hand over every object one by one. You then soon work out what they chose. It's pretty easy, you'll need a mate that's in on it. Ask him to take a sip of his drink or lean back in his chair (it can be anything that only you two would know) once your hand goes over the right object. This is a really fooling trick and will have everyone thinking you're the real deal. Suggestions for roping your friends to being in on it, tell them you'll use your evil powers to get you and him/her free drinks!

If you learn these I warn you. You now have the power to take over the world or at least your local pub. With great power comes great responsibility, please remember that. 

Have fun and keep coming back here for more mind melting and useless information. 



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Alex Ward